Natrosha O. Miller is a southern belle, born in a small town of Laurel, Mississippi. She currently resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, in the city of McDonough, Georgia. 


Natrosha obtained her Bachelor's degree at Strayer University, where she majored in Business Administration with a minor concentration in Human Resource Management. She brings forth skills in the areas of leadership, creative talent, and knowledge in the abilities to connect with diverse people from different aspects of life.


Natrosha has always dreamed of leading an inspiring organization that serves as a foundation for God to unite and empower women. After overcoming difficult challenges in her own life, she was called to encourage and connect like-minded women of faith across the globe named Love Thy Sistahs, inspiring the hearts of women movement.


Natrosha is also a contributing Author on the best seller book Wake.Pray.Slay, released on April 29, 2017. She obtained her Life Coach Certification at Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy in August of 2019. She is a small business owner-operator of Social Sis Media, a social media agency located in McDonough, Georgia.

Today, Natrosha's purpose and passion lies in inspiring women along their spiritual journey. Her motto is to make a difference by inspiring hearts, where a woman of substance develops itself.



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